Billy Tellier has been a “very good student”

Billy Tellier a été un «très bon élève»

Billy Tellier saw his déconfinement of the last days. “It’s good to see some friends and take a beer while talking about everything except the COVID !” launches the stand-up comedian.

At the beginning of the pandemic, Billy Tellier stated that it has complied with the directives of the public health.

Despite the pandemic, the young father of the family was able to continue his job at the radio station directly to its basement.

“It has been a very good student. I did deliver at home and I was doing radio live from my basement. We have two children one and three years, and as they were not going to daycare, they were very energetic (laughs) ! “

The comedian has had the chance to continue his job at the radio station of CKOI every morning with the issue Standing in the comic.

“I am now on leave for the summer and it feels good not to wake up at 3: 45 in the morning. “

For the summer period, he participated in the show Sweet and salty, to VAT.

“The guidelines for touring are pretty strict,” he said. Wearing the mask prior to the interview, hand washing, distancing. But it is very doable to adhere to. It was weird, at the beginning, to do an interview as far away from the guest. But in the end, it does not appear to the camera. “

Apart from these shoots, Billy Tellier plans to take advantage of the family pool as it was purchased last year.

“As it seems more complicated with the travel this year, I’m a visionary ! “

Maybe he is going to go on a little excursion on the road… to go to Madrid, in Drummondville.

“My three year old son tripe about dinosaurs and as we can’t go to Universal Studios to see the jurassic Park-it’s going to be the plan B! (laughs) “

The 21 and 22 July, he will take part in the festival tonight is char, at the Ciné-Parc St-Eustache.

“I’m eager to get back on stage,” he said. This will be the first time that I’m going to have horns between the laughter. “

Anecdotes from the tour

During the containment, it is also fun to do live videos with the concept It’s my tour !.

“Artists come in with a member of their team, as a technician, a stage director or someone who does the first part, and they speak to me of anecdotes of touring and creating. I’ve had good discussions with friends comedians, but also of the song (Roxane Bruneau) or the theatrical world (Guy Jodoin, Mickaël Gouin). “

Side blows of a cultural heart, the young father of the family had no other choice than to watch Passe-Partout with its small.

“But when I have two minutes, I can’t wait to look at It is like this that I love you. “

On Amazon Prime, it’s a lot like the series “The Boys”.

“It’s about the superhero with a cynical tone and a sense of humor is a bit trashy. “

Musically, he mentions enjoy a lot the album More, Matt Lang.

“I’m a lover of american country. It sounds and is a guy hyper friendly. “

At the level of the books, he enjoys the thrillers of Maxim Chatham.

“And if you like the universe of Tarantino, you will love the atmosphere of the books in the series The Bourbon Kid, of the Anonymous author,” said Billy.

The suggestions of Billy Tellier

Tv series

  • Passe-Partout
  • The Boys


  • The thrillers of Maxim Chatham
  • The Bourbon Kid

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