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Biography: Alain Delon, the charismatic actor

Biography: Alain Delon, the charismatic actor


Considered as one of the greatest French actors, Alain Delon had a rich career in cinema. With nearly 90 films to his credit, his star shone for a long time in the cinematographic universe attracting a constellation of filmmakers who wanted to enjoy the glory and the magnetism of the talented actor who managed to smash sales records with millions of admissions. indoors. Despite the rich career, little by little the aura that surrounded him went away, losing its luster, the man finally closed in on himself.

Written in an almost poetic manner, the new biography of Alain Delon, En clair-obscur, signed Laurent Galinon, lifts the veil on the career of one of the most prolific actors, while demystifying the character now 87 years old.

Delon in chiaroscuro, Laurent Galinon, Mareuil Éditions, 224 pages

Obviously, little was known about the man and the author reveals the backlight of glory. 

Already, Delon's childhood was not easy. His parents divorced when he was only four years old and he was placed in foster care. Later, the actor will say that he never recovered from this injury. At school, it is not easier. He will be expelled from the establishments he frequents six times. Forced to work in his stepfather's deli, he ran away at 14 to try to get to Chicago. He will be arrested, then, at 17, he will do his military service. 

During this period, his rebellious side will take over. He will be arrested for stealing a Jeep. Nevertheless, the army will have made him discover a passion for weapons. This may have served him in the cinema in the choice of his roles since we learn that he will have killed 27 people in his films as an actor as a hero or antihero.

As a young adult, he will begin his career in cafes while flirting with the world of the Marseille underworld and will multiply romantic relationships, including that with Dalida. But it is his relationship with actress Brigitte Auber that will change the game. She will invite him to the Cannes Film Festival and that is where her world will change. His pretty face will work in his favor and after only a short test with a director who notices him, we immediately estimate that he has what it takes to be projected on the big screen. 

< p>The handsome boy

He will fall head first into this universe without ever having studied as an actor. In no time, he was noticed by a famous producer and he was dangled with a nice seven-year contract to work in the United States. He will end up staying in France.

Let's say it, Alain Delon, who began his career in his early twenties, was pampered physically. “A beautiful kid”, as the French say. But his beauty alone was not enough to raise him to the top, it served him above all as leverage at the start of his career, then it was his talent that explains his success that led him to be called the box office champ.

Backlighting Glory

It was in the early 2000s that Delon lost its luster. At 67, he suffers from severe depression. There will be commercial failures like the film Asterix at the Olympic Games where he plays Julius Caesar. Delon lives badly with bad reviews and his separation from Rosalie van Breemen, model, with whom he had spent 14 years was also difficult. Before her, Alain Delon had shared his life for 15 years with the actress Mireille Darc who is now deceased. 

Unfortunately, the man stands out for his arrogance. He will go so far as to say in an interview, “I hate this time, I vomit it, life does not bring me much anymore. I have known everything, seen everything.

He will also say that he will leave this world without regret, most of his friends are dead and he still lives a difficult relationship with his family.

He was disappointed by the women and he explains that even if there are several women around him, none really suits him to end his days.

Remember that he is the father of three children and that he is still passionate about dogs. He had more than 50 of them.

Even if we will remember especially from Alain Delon his great cinematographic career, including several action films, with 134 million spectators, it should nevertheless be specified that he has also touched on several facets of the profession. 

We have been able to see his talent on the boards many times in the theatre, he has also sung with Dalida among others and he has lent his image to the perfume, Eau Sauvage by Dior, in addition to having used his name to market cigarettes on the Asian market. He has also worked as a director and producer.

We will retain from this sensitive portrait the image of a legend of cinema and also of a man who feels misunderstood. 

In addition to having been nominated many times for his films, he received among others:

Laurent Galinon is a writer and director of documentaries.

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