Birds of Prey : Margot Robbie promises a film “fun, violent, crazy, and absurd”

Birds of Prey : Margot Robbie promet un film "fun, violent, fou et absurde"

Birds of Prey : Margot Robbie promises a film “fun, violent, crazy, and absurd”

In 2020, Harley Quinn will be the star of Birds of Prey, her first film solo to the cinema. A new adventure awaited fans of DC and, according to Margot Robbie, his interpreter, will be as violent as crazy.

The Joker was right in his film solo in 2019 – even if, okay, he was not 100% present to the screen and had no link with the DCEU with the presence of Joaquin Phoenix in place of Jared Leto, 2020 will be the time marked by adventure crazy Harley Quinn and her girlfriends in the film Birds of Prey.

A new adventure for Harley Quinn

A movie very important according to Margot Robbie, his interpreter, which should allow us to discover this heroine in a new light. The micro Variety, the actress has as well assigned on the main interest of this film compared to the usual incarnations and versions of the Harley on the screen or in the comics : “The history of Birds of Prey is told in his point of view, so you have genuine access to the world of Harley in a way that you didn’t have in the first Suicide Squad, and that you will not be in the next film“.

What to do more knowledge with the famous bad girl of DC, often relegated to the simple rank of a sidekick of the Joker, all through a staging energetic. As the left already assume its recent trailer, Birds of Prey , we put full eyes : “It is a universe a little crazy, which reflects his personality. It rises in power, it colorful, it’s fun, it’s violent, it’s crazy, it’s absurd, it’s eccentric, it’s hilarious and it’s even a little heartbreaking“. In short, a single word : wait.

Appointment on 19 February the cinema to discover Birds of Prey.

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