Birds of Prey, Queen & Slim… the top 8 movies to see in February 2020

Birds of Prey, Queen & Slim... top 8 des films à voir en février 2020

The 8 films to see in February 2020

What films should I see at the cinema or at home in February 2020 ? Check out the selection of PRBK with our top 8 films not to be missed with Birds of Prey, Queen & Slim or even all the boys I’ve loved 2. Follow the guide !

Birds of Prey and the fantabuleuse history of Harley Quinn

Presented in Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn returns to solo (but not really). This is without the Joker as the heroine embodied by Margot Robbie is back and it is promised, it will be more badass than ever. In Birds of Prey and the fantabuleuse story of Harley Quinn, she decided to emancipate themselves but the worries are going to quickly catch up : it’s going to take under his wing a young woman threatened with death and pursued by the managing narcissistic a nightclub in Gotham. In casting, we also find Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Jurnee Smollett, Rosie Perez, or even Ewan McGregor.
Release Date : 5 February.

The trailer of Birds of Prey

Queen & Slim

Queen and Slim meet for an appointment, you Tinder. Everything happens for the best until they are stopped by a police officer after an offence is minimal, which turns into drama when Slim pulls on the man. Then they take flight, their story is spreading. In casting, we find Daniel Kaluuya (seen in Get Out) and Jodie Turner-Smith. This is Lena Waithe, who wrote the screenplay for the film, directed by Melina Matsouka, director of numerous music videos including Training of Beyoncé, S&M by Rihanna, or even Just Dance by Lady Gaga.
Release Date : 12 February.

The trailer of Queen & Slim

All the boys I’ve loved PS : I still love you

In August 2018, it was discovered the adventures of Lara Jean, and – of course – those of Peter Kavinsky. All the boys I’ve loved has propelled Noah Centineo to the rank of star. If it increases the filming (we were able to see in The Perfect Date or Charlie’s Angels), the actor has also found time to shoot the second installment of the saga adapted from novels by Jenny Han. All the boys I’ve loved PS : I love you always arrives just before Valentine’s day and things will get complicated for the couple with the arrival of John Ambrose McClaren, played by Jordan Fisher. That is, the third and final part of all the boys I’ve loved has already been shot and will be released soon on Netflix.
Release Date : 12 February on Netflix.

The trailer of all the boys I’ve loved 2

Nightmare Island

If, like us, you love to scare you, Nightmare Island is for you ! The pitch ? A rich man promises to fulfill all the dreams of its guests that it hosts, in a luxury hotel of nowhere. But soon, the dreams turn into nightmares and they are going to have to do anything to survive. The film was shot on the Fiji islands and we found the cast Michael Peña, Lucy Hale, Maggie Q, Austin Stowell, or Ryan Hansen.
Release Date : 12 February.

The trailer Nightmare Island

The Traveling

After Aladdin, Guy Ritchie returns to what he does best in The Traveling. In the film, a war will erupt when a drug lord of London suggests that he wishes to retire. Conspiracies, blackmails, kidnapping, everything is allowed in this fight. Worn by a cast of four stars including Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, Hugh Grant or Colin Farrell, The Traveling promises to be explosive.
Release Date : 5 February.

The trailer of The Traveling

The Prince Forgotten

It’s been three years since Michel Hazanavicius did not come out of a film in the cinema. In 2020, it catches up with The Prince forgotten, worn by Omar Sy. The actor césarisé for the Untouchables plays Djibi, a single father to sleep, his 8 year old daughter, invents a story. Stories that come to life and of which she is the heroine. A few years later, the little Sofia returned to college and Djibi must accept it, both good and bad.
Release Date : 12 February.

The trailer for the movie The Prince forgot


Florence Foresti, Michaël Youn and Alban Ivanov will give the reply in Lucky, a comedy that promises to be crazy. Willy and Tony, two friends broke, think they have an idea of gold : to steal a dog the brigade of stups. They are going to be forced to associate with Caro, a cop as corrupt to avoid getting caught.
Release Date : February 26th.

The trailer for Lucky

Sonic, the movie

Cult figure in the world of video games, the little blue hedgehog, Sonic has the right to his own film combining animation and real images (as Detective Pikachu). Happened accidentally on Earth, Sonic is going to be hunted down by the tyrannical Dr. Robotnik (Jim Carrey). In the first trailer, revealed in April 2019 has not been unanimously accepted, and studios have decided to change the face of the hero. This is Malik Bentalha that double Sonic in the French version.
Release Date : 12 February.

The trailer for Sonic the movie

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