Birds of Prey : why the Joker will be missing from the movie ? Margot Robbie responds

Birds of Prey : pourquoi le Joker sera t-il absent du film ? Margot Robbie répond

Birds of Prey : why the Joker will be missing from the movie Harley Quinn ?

Margot Robbie will resume his role of Harley Quinn in the film Birds of Prey which is scheduled to release on 5 February 2020, but it will not be the case of Jared Leto with his character of the Joker. A lack important, but necessary according to the actress.

When Harley Quinn will make his return to cinema with the film Birds of Prey, due on 5 February 2020, the heroine embodied by Margot Robbie will be all alone. If the bad girl of Gotham City will actually be accompanied by Huntress and Black Canary, it will not be to the sides of the Joker from Jared Leto. A disappointment for fans of the duo, but a no-brainer for the actress.

The absence of the Joker necessary

In remarks picked up by ScreenRant on the occasion of a meeting with the press, Margot Robbie has confessed to have always had difficulties to assimilate the issues and contours of the relationship-Harley Quinn / Joker implementation stage at the time of Suicide Squad : “I was always surprised, and this is something that I said already at the time of Suicide Squad, the first film is that his relationship with the Joker I was always disturbed. It was really the thing that has put the most time to take root in me.

Also, to break this couple in Birds of Prey seemed like the best idea to attach more easily to his heroin and more control over its development : “In this film, we explore the fact that she is no longer with the Joker. And there, I understand the reasons for the break.

After all, the actress recalled (in about taken over this time by Cinemablend), this relationship is so toxic and explosive that it is logical to see it popping through now : “one of The things that has been much explored in Suicide Squad, the first movie, it was the addiction of Harley with the Joker. He had a huge influence on it.

Harley Quinn is released

Moreover, if the absence of the Joker, alongside Harley might seem disappointing at first, as the two complement each other as much as they reject, Margot Robbie ensures that it will release the heroine of the best ways : “I wanted to explore a version of Harley outside of this relationship, either because she left or because he threw it outside. (…) I thought that this would allow us to discover a facet totally different personalities. Because, yes, I think she has several.

Less of a Joker for Harley Quinn, are we really losers ?

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