Birth of the child of the chinese physician whistleblower, who died in February

Naissance de l'enfant du médecin chinois lanceur d'alerte décédé en février

The widow of the chinese doctor who had launched the alert on the new coronavirus has given birth to their second child on Friday.

Dr. Li Wenliang died at the age of 34 years old at the beginning of the month of February as a result of the COVID-19. He had alerted his colleagues about the dangers of the virus less than a month ago.

“My husband, do you see us in the paradise?” asked Fu Xuejie on the social network WeChat, reports the South China Morning Post quoted by the New York Daily News.

“The last gift that you made me arrived today. I will work very hard to love them and protect them,” she added.

The doctor had been reprimanded by the authorities for sharing of information. He had to sign a document confessing that he had “severely disrupted social order”.

The child is the second child of the couple.

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