Birthday Nikita: congratulations Angela

Day angel Nikita 2019 address birthday beautiful greetings in prose and verse

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Именины Никиты: поздравления с днем ангела

The day of the angel Nikita

Today, April 16, the day of the angel celebrate Nikita and legitimately receive from family and friends a very warm and joyous congratulations on the birthday.

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Nikita translated from Greek means “winner”. Holders of this name are purposeful, brave, uncompromising and very talented people who know their worth.

Day angel Nikita please accept my best wishes and also beautiful, kind, funny and philosophical birthday greetings in verse and prose.

Beautiful greetings for birthday Nikita in verse


The name day of you, Nikita,
All the best I want to wish!
You luck like a magnet
Always let the will stick!

I wish to smile,
Positive live forever!
Goals I wish to achieve
Easily without any difficulty!

Spectacular congratulations to Nikita a birthday prose


Dear Nikita! Nature has blessed you with many talents. You were born to be a leader and a brilliant winner in all. We wish you always to their restraint, tenacity, hardness and pressure to achieve absolute success. Wish you find your true path and feel the master of your life.

Funny happy Nikita day angel


Wonderful kid
Accepting congratulations,
Be happy, too
With a head dive into the luck!

And if successful, Nikita,
Every day live richer
All the doors are open to you,
Suppose that for each luck!

SMS greetings with birthday Nikita


With this holiday happy
I hasten to congratulate you I am.
Nikita, let your desires
In a hurry to be fulfilled always!

I wish you good health
And days of cheerful warmth.
Wish was happy
And kind has left you.

Best wishes, Nikita with a birthday in verse


Happy birthday, Nikita!
Wish you want
To complex problems
You were on the shoulder.

Let fate will not be strict,
Will let love like honey.
And fortune, where would you have been
May you always find.

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Birthday Nikita: good wishes


Nikita means “victorious,”
So reach the heights in everything.
And good to your angel guardian
Let protects comfortable home.

You’re talented, ambitious,
Balanced, patient,
Strong, smart and so serious!
Catch in the life positive!

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