Birthday of Andrei Danilko: quotes on artist life and work

Danilko celebrates 46th birthday

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День рождения Андрея Данилко: цитаты артиста о жизни и творчестве

Andrey Danilko

One of the most popular artists, which is famous not only in Ukraine but also abroad, Andriy Danylko today, October 2, marks the 46 anniversary. In honor of the birthday of the artist who created the image of Verka Serduchka, Today.Lifestyle has prepared a selection of his statements from the interview – about the life and work.

See also a video interview with Andrei Danilko:

Quotes Andrei Danilko about the life and work of:

  1. The phrase “love to give an interview to” some very strange. I rather like the soup, or drinking vodka. Interview to be not fresh when I like the people with whom I communicate.
  2. It’s a paradox. But ceasing to joke on stage, I really started to laugh in life.
  3. I started Smoking just because of the fact, that though as-that to escape in conversation with strangers.
  4. Many I now can not understand, but I can’t go on stage empty, tired, uninteresting in the first place for himself. To have fun, I have to feel fit.
  5. I have never had the desire to turn your life in a constant tour. I wanted to be able to “walk”, “lie” and “posozdavat”.
  6. You know I don’t like the second day after filming: there is a moment of devastation.
  7. Now I see that many artists that achieve great popularity, you start to feel Messiahs. Like, if they managed to get the stadium, so they will be able to lead people for another reason. But this is a misconception.
  8. My generation, by comparison, was very notorious. To alleviate the tightness, had to work, and now — on the contrary: all come with full confidence that they are the star. I even came up with the term asexual to refer to such characters, namely “Alla”.

Earlier, we also showed how varied the image of Verka Serduchka.

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