Birthday of Niki Is: the best clips of the singer

День рождения Ники Минаж: лучшие клипы исполнительницы


Curvy, bright wigs, enchanting outfits – Nicky Passes never ceases to amaze fans. Is singer, songwriter and actress

Nicky was born into a poor family where the father was a drunk, and her mother had run away from home, not to fall under his hot hand. Despite a difficult childhood, Nicky has successfully graduated from LaGuardia high school in Manhattan where she studied singing and acting.

Nicki started rapping in high school, and the first touch was tested on neighborhood boys. And in 2004, she began her professional career.

Is wanted to stand out among a dozen young performers and so she wrote a rap and performed it.

Soon her clips on mySpace noticed the Executive Director of Dirty Money, Fendi . She immediately liked him for his novelty, and he decided to use Nicknames in a series of clips.

In April 2007, Is Nicki released her first mixtape “Playtime is Over”, the cover of which she was positioned like a Barbie doll.

A year later, Is realized on his second mix – CD called “Sucka Free”. In the same year, she appeared in XXL magazine in which he told about his life, and received the award at Underground Music Awards.

Today’s breakthrough is the second Studio album “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded,” which critics have also met quite warmly.

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