Birthday of Sergey and Anastasia: congratulations Angela

Day angel, Sergei and Anastasia 2019 send beautiful greetings in verse and prose

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Именины Сергея и Анастасии: поздравления с днем ангела

Birthday of Sergey and Anastasia

Today, April 5, Sergey and Anastasiya celebrates their name day. Please accept my kind, tender, cheerful and positive greetings birthday.

Sergey means “clear” and “very Reverend”. This name often have people vigorous, active and effective at the same time not devoid of sentimentality. Sergei responsible and conscientious in the family business and loving husband, although jealous.

Anastasia means – resurrection. Like the heroine of children’s fairy tales, a girl named Anastasia, gentle, sweet, kind and caring. She is loving and loved, often needs to be protected, a trust and friendship, drawn to her and her people value.

Their birthday Sergey and Anastasia on the Church calendar celebrate several times a year, and they are all dedicated to the memory of saints and martyrs.

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Day angel, Sergei and Anastasia we join in best wishes and offer you a beautiful, joyful, sweet and funny birthday greetings in verse and prose.

Beautiful greetings for birthday of Sergei poems


In this wonderful holiday with
No congratulations not leave
Because we are, Sergey, respect you,
We you health we wish!
Success, joy, recognition,
To come true all desires,
We wish you a true story favorite
And always happy
So all the cases were easily solved,
So you love always bathed,
The loneliness didn’t
And all from life got!

SMS greetings with the birthday of Sergei in prose


Sergey, congratulations on your angel day and wish that even the dark band in your life was the runway. Let them ahead of you only happiness and joy. With a holiday! Success, health and all the best. Love and be loved, after all, is for man the most important thing.

Spectacular congratulations to Sergey with their day


For you may open
All the doors open.
To lucky life,
And it was all like a fairy tale.

Find your oasis
In the desert gray days.
Let it be all according to plan
And all for you, Sergei!

Birthday Sergey: good wishes


I wish I Sergey,
The sea is good and positive,
Stay chipper and fun
Like a king, live beautifully.

Let the luck every day
All things accompanies,
And a big success around the
Certainly expect!

Best of luck Sergey with a birthday in verse


Open and sociable,
Fun and easy.
Besides striking
Own kindness.

Responsive, very sincere,
Always friendly.
Enigmatic, mysterious,
Can’t readily.

Sergey often smile
And be happy all year round.
A great stay.
And never the opposite!

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Philosophical wishes Day angel Sergei in prose


Sergei, we congratulate you and we wish you happiness, friends, reliable and loyal, good health and a warm fire in the family hearth. Let your integrity and commitment will help to take all the borders, and your qualities of this man, not knowing defeats.

SMS greetings with birthday Sergei


I want to congratulate Earring
Nice lines send a little.
Clear days and events new
All the bodies you healthy
Attention beautiful ladies
Friends in different cities.
Not so much written…
Let fulfilled that wish!

Beautiful, congratulations name day of Anastasia in the verses


I wish you, Nastya
The light, good days
Endless happiness,
Loyal, sincere friends.

To be flourishing and alluring
Never troubles do not know
The most honest, real,
All around charming!

Kind greetings with name day of Anastasia in prose


Cute Nastya, congratulations on your angel day. I wish you to always believe in themselves and to Shine with hope the hearts of loved ones. Let every dawn of your life will be happy and kind, let the new day brings bright colors and bright emotions, even in the evenings waiting for you cute fun and romantic surprises. I wish you achieve great heights of success and always remain the most remarkable.

Birthday Anastasia: best wishes SMS


Anastasia, you’re beautiful,
Such a gorgeous stay,
Shine like the sun in the sky, clear
Paint your life in bright colors!

Let it be, Nastya, good luck
With you side by side walk!
Joyful smiles not hiding,
I wish to wallow in happiness!

Gentle greetings Anastasia’s name day in verse


You now wish, Anastasia,
Fun, joy, warmth,
Love is mutual, a lot of happiness,
That life was wonderful!

As often as possible, smile,
Shine like a bright star,
And rays good swim,
And be healthy always!

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Именины Сергея и Анастасии: поздравления с днем ангела

Именины Сергея и Анастасии: поздравления с днем ангела

Именины Сергея и Анастасии: поздравления с днем ангела


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