Birthday of Zakhar and Ivan: congratulations Angela

On the Day of the angel Zachary and Ivan 2019 send best wishes in verse and prose

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Именины Захара и Ивана: поздравления с днем ангела

Birthday of Zakhar and Ivan

Today, April 12, the day celebrate Zachary and Ivan. Don’t forget to wish the birthday all the best and send kind, beautiful and joyous congratulations on the day of the angel.

Their birthday of Zakhar and Ivan on the Church calendar celebrate several times a year, and they are all dedicated to the memorable dates associated with saints and martyrs.

Rare in our time, the name Zachary means “memory of the Lord.” People with this name have a special care, concern and generosity. Zahara hardworking, sociable and hospitable.

Ivan translated as “grace of God”. Ivan is characterized by its versatility, cheerfulness, responsiveness, and unpredictability. People with this name many friends, interesting things and talents.

Day angel Ivan Zahara and we join in best wishes and offer you a beautiful, kind, joyful and philosophical birthday greetings in verse and prose.

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Best congratulations to the male with a birthday in poems


Zach, I hasten to congratulate you,
Do you want to I wish
Success, joy, luck,
Before fate not to pass.

I wish that with you by my side
Were loyal friends,
Support of family and health
And don’t give up never!

Beautiful greetings for birthday Zahara in prose


Dear Zachary, today I heartily congratulate you with the birthday and wish to always be sure a fighter for happiness and a real winner. Let you do in this life doesn’t scare or disappoint, let every day be full of the fire of confidence and determination. Good luck and success to you, the male, health and bravery, worthy of victory and love.

Short SMS greetings birthday Zachary


The most courageous, smart, strong,
You have a talent and a gift
Now, we want to congratulate
Heartily you, the male,
Stay you’re
Honest, kind, and calm,
Take care of yourself and loved ones
Don’t lose your friends!

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Spectacular congratulations to Zakhar name day


Let always accompanies
You loud noise of trumpets.
I wish victory to you,
Our energetic male.

Friend let it be real,
True — love,
The thrust will be to new vistas
Let invincible.

Move the dream forward,
Believe in yourself and believe in fate
Among the thousands of tracks
Choose your path.

Birthday Zahara: good wishes in prose


Dear Alexander, I congratulate you with all my heart and wish want of vigor of body and soul, optimism, life and lofty goals, confident strength and good luck, true friends and sincere love, big wins and bright emotions.

Best wishes to Ivan with a birthday in verse


For Ivan greetings
I will gather together,
I wish that you were
All cooler.

Proudly called man,
Not bending the knees
And health that could
Boasts excellent.

Up to go your business
And grow revenues
Your days are happy
Evolved in the years.

To order a new wish
I strive
To in life your
Always you could get.

Philosophical wishes Day angel Ivan in verse


Wish with all my heart, Ivan,
So bright thy life was
To climb the money in his pocket,
And that the destiny of dreams led!

Love, be close love
Cherish the beautiful moments
Each moment is unique,
Take pleasure from life!

Short SMS greetings with nameday Ivan SMS


Vanya, Vanya, handsome, congratulations to you today. I wish you eternal happiness and strong love, sweet kisses and heartfelt hugs, great success and high incomes, joy of life and good luck, prosperity and optimism.

Funny greetings Ivan with a birthday in verse


Vanya, Vanyusha
I’m sending my regards,
Let you warm
The clear sun light.

The bird of happiness in the hands of
Let you are given,
From your smile
Often the heart beats.

Let happy be,
Ivan, your destiny,
Friends rich
And love is generous.

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Именины Захара и Ивана: поздравления с днем ангела

Именины Захара и Ивана: поздравления с днем ангела

Именины Захара и Ивана: поздравления с днем ангела


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