Birthday VIN Diesel: best actor

День рождения Вина Дизеля: лучшие роли актера

Today, July 18, the birthday of American actor VIN Diesel

Velvet baritone, plastic, sexy sharp look — VIN Diesel celebrates his birthday. This Superman today marks 51 years. Action and romance, drama and Comedy — a good actor in any role.

VIN Diesel has no Oscar, no Golden globe or Emmy, but there is a “fast and furious” with fees in the billions of dollars and “I am Groot”, almost like “I’ll be back” Schwarzenegger.

In addition to work in film, Diesel is the founder of production companies One Race Films and Racetrack Records, which is actively producing beginners and already famous artists.

The first is the role Diesel was still in a child’s statement, when he was 7 years old. Even then, he received his first fee: $ 20 per performance. A little Guilt is so like the scene that he came up with the goal of becoming actron.

By the way, his real name is mark Sinclair Vincent. And the name VIN Diesel came up with myself at the age of 17, when he began to moonlight as a bouncer in a nightclub. At the same time the future actor began to shave her head, which later became his stage.

First movie role was received in “the Awakening” in 1990. Originally VIN Diesel was trying to make his films. We are talking about the pictures of “Diverse” and “Vagabonds.” They brought him a small income and the opportunity to climb further.

But the real success came to an actor after the movie “fast and the furious” released in 2001. By the way, Paul Walker, who plays a major role at the time was completely unknown.

Then ensued a famous and successful actor for the movie “the Chronicles of Riddick” and the entire series of paintings; “the Bald nurse: special Mission”; the series of films “fast and furious”.

In the past year with his films such as the premiere of “xxx: World domination”, “fast and furious 8” and “Guardians of the Galaxy 2”, where Diesel voiced the character Groot. Groot also appears in the film “the Avengers: infinity War” in 2018.

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