Black Adam : Dwayne Johnson the face of Superman, Henry Cavill ? A producer is ready

Black Adam : Dwayne Johnson face au Superman d'Henry Cavill ? Un producteur est prêt

Black Adam : Dwayne Johnson the face of Superman, Henry Cavill ? A producer is ready

We still do not know much about the movie Black Adam that will be worn by Dwayne Johnson, but we already know that this project signed DC inspired its producers. The proof, they are already ready to a meeting with Superman Henry Cavill.

He dreamed for years, it is now official, Dwayne Johnson will join the family of DC to the cinema in 2021. It has recently been learned, the actor has been cast to portray Black Adam, a character emblematic of the comics. For those who do not know him yet, he is the “villain” of Shazam (recently discovered at the cinema with Zachary Levi), and is therefore as powerful as Superman.

Superman vs Black Adam ?

An anti-hero who goes as well on the side of the wicked, that of the gentiles, according to the stories, and that is already inspiring a lot of the producers of the future film. On the occasion of an interview with ComicBook, Hiram Garcia has opened the door to a confrontation between Black Adam and… Clark Kent.

The DC Universe is a universe of incredible, and one is open to all” he assured. In fact, in order to make justice to this character, the creative team would not have absolutely no intention of bridling : “We have great aspirations for it. On is a friend with Henry [Cavill, the interpreter of Superman]. Dwayne and Henry are friends. And I’ve always loved this idea, so who knows ? Black Adam against Superman it is really cool. It would be really powerful“.

A meeting complicated

Only problem in all this, the future of Henry Cavill in the skin of Superman is still uncertain on the side of the studios who may be considering yet another reboot of the character. Especially, the actor – always ready to embody it in the cinema, was recently dreaming of a new film solo and not another collaboration super-heroic. In other words, it will be difficult to convince Henry Cavill to rethread the cape for this project only.

Finally, with the recent submission of Shazam and in the light of the links between these two characters, it would be more logical to see this hero in the face… You will have it so understood, that fantasy of “Black Adam vs Superman” could only remain a fantasy. And that is sad.

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