Black boxes of the flight 752 : Ottawa continues to put pressure on Iran

Boîtes noires du vol 752 : Ottawa continue de faire pression sur l’Iran

OTTAWA – The canadian government continues to put pressure on Iran for it to share the contents of the black boxes of the flight 752 Ukrainian International Airlines shot down by mistake, on the 8th of January last, shortly after take-off from Tehran.

Canada plays an active role – with other countries – since the beginning in this case given that several dozen of the 176 victims of the crash were canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada. The camera was flew to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.

“The boxes are still in Iran and we continue to make pressure, said the minister of Transport, canada, Marc Garneau, Friday, during a press conference regarding the COVID-19. Iran, […], promised to transfer the boxes to the Ukraine. This does not happen. This has coincided – they were told it would be in two weeks – with the beginning of the serious [pandemic] of COVID-19 in Iran, and they explained that they were not able to address this issue at this time.”

Mr. Garneau added that the pressure would continue on Iran “so that it forwards these boxes in accordance with its obligations under annex 13 to the Chicago Convention, and we will continue to put pressure”.

Last April, CBC News reported that Iran had invited the countries involved in the dossier, including Canada, to send representatives in a european laboratory for the transfer and analysis of the content of the flight recorders of volume The plan has had to be postponed since several countries could not, because of the restrictions related to the COVID-19, organise travel by plane.

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