Black Friday: 11.7 million midday transactions in Canada

Black Friday: 11.7 million midday transactions in Canada

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Nearly 11.7 million transactions were made in Canada between midnight and 3 p.m. on Black Friday, according to data collected by Moneris.

Friday morning before 7:30 a.m., the leading payment solutions provider in Canada already had 154 transactions per second for an average spend of $ 77.

The average transaction amount rose to $ 131 around 3 p.m. and the country saw a peak of 1,373 transactions per second.

In La Belle Province, Moneris recorded a total of 2.6 million transactions with a peak of $ 109 per second by midday.

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Thanks to online sales that started at midnight, consumer goods (578,000) and clothing (552,000) are the two categories that recorded the most transactions.

Next came household items (424,000) and vehicles (130,000).

Spending on gasoline and commodities was also high, with people refueling and having coffee to prepare. to this busy day.

For several provinces, this day of exceptional discounts marked the return of in-store purchases since 2019.

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