Black Friday : why more than 500 brands, called for a boycott

Black Friday : pourquoi plus de 500 marques appellent au boycott

Black Friday : more than 500 brands have called for its boycott this year

After a boycott in 2018 in France by a hundred marks, Black Friday will still be boycotted this year. Except that this time, there are more than 500 companies and associations who do not want this day of balances the extremes that initiates the period of Christmas shopping. Why this anger against the black Friday ?

Black Friday, what is it ?

Black Friday at the base what is it ? This is the last Friday of the month of November, that is to say, the day after Thanksgiving. This year, it falls on the Friday 29 November 2019. This day is considered in the United States as the kick-off to Christmas shopping. A trend that has invaded France. SNCF, Apple, Asos, or even Nike offer good deals for Black Friday in order to sell a maximum. The good deals will last until Cyber Monday, the Monday that follows. And for some time now, this period is even extended over a full week, to the point of becoming a black week (the Friday Black Week). Except that this year again, the world will not make a deal. In fact, while more than 180 brands have launched a call for the boycott in 2018, this time they have more than 500 companies and associations.

The collective “Make Friday Green Again” (in reference to the famous “Make America Great Again” by Donald Trump) wants the world to rational consumption.

Nicolas Rohr, co-founder of the collective with Frédéric Mugnier and the label Faguo, explained to les Echos : “Every day, new brands to join us in the clothing, but also the food and the furniture, welcomes it. “And not just start-ups”. Tea Coul & Bhallot, Naturalia, Nature and Discoveries, the mattress Tediber, Good Mouth… companies are increasingly many to call for a boycott.

The over-consumption and the price cuts in the viewfinder

Why boycott Black Friday ? Because of the abuse it engenders. According to figures RTL, more than 50 million banking transactions were carried out in 2018, during the black Friday. And The Parisian had also revealed that Amazon has been more than 1 400 products per minute in 2017. “60 % of French people have clothes they never wear, and the equivalent of 600 million euros is thrown away each year, there must be an awareness” has even added Nicolas Rohr.

The problem of this hyperconsumption, this are the terrible conditions of production that affect both the planet (and promotes the warming climate) that human beings employees. Outside of this great problem, Black Friday is also being boycotted because the discounts are not always that interesting. In the end, in France, prices are similar to the balances classic.

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