Black M confirms the return of the Sexion Assault for 2020

Black M confirme le retour de la Sexion d'Assaut pour 2020

Sexion Assault : the group’s soon return ?

Soon the return of the Kings ? While the fans of the Sexion Assault await the reunion of the group for several years, Black M just make an announcement that has put the fans into madness. And for good reason, the interpreter of “On my road” has confirmed the return of the collective is composed of eight rappers whose Gims, Maska, or Lefa for 2020.

The Sexion Assault reforms-does she have a day ? So it’s been months and months, and even years, that the rumor of a possible return of the group hope to fans, it may well be that this hope to be realized soon. Black M claims to have “a serious desire to do so”, just like the other rappers whose Maska, Lefa, or Gims, this last ensured that the return of the group was blocked by Dawala, the boss of the label Wati B, which is the “project owner”. “It does not depend on the group, it depends on the former producer Dawala, who attack the world court, who puts sticks in the wheels, for his interests personally I think…”, said he.

The Sexion Assault back in 2020 ? Black M confirms

The hashtag #liberelasexiondassaut was now taking possession of Twitter, to ask Dawala to revive the project. Will he be able to hear the cry of the fans, who mobilized en masse ? On December 26,, Black M has announced the return of the collective is composed of eight rappers whose Gims, Maska, Lefa, or even Black M for 2020. Then someone criticized his detractors : “there are people in this world who thinks that black M is not known rapper mdr”, the interpreter “On my road” has responded on his Twitter account : “see you in 2020 with the sexion assault”.

Fans of the band madness !

What ignited the Canvas ! “We’re waiting for that!!!”, can we read on Twitter, or “Best Christmas gift the return of the Sexion assault in 2020”, “It’s me or Black just to make a revelation that may change the year 2020 a lot of French people there ?”. Soon the return of the kings ?

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