Black M tells the story of the day where everything can change in the clip “And waltz the life”

The Clip-on And waltz the life” : Black M tells the story of a man who would become SDF

After In my delirium, Good and My brother-in-law, Black, M continues to illustrate his album “Il était une fois” with the clip And waltz life, new extract affecting co-written and composed by Vianney. The member Sexion Assault transports us in the daily life of a man, who has lost everything, become HOMELESS.

The semi-success of “Eternal Unsatisfied” will not have cooled Black M, quite the contrary. The artist is back stronger with their third album “once There was”, in which he collaborated with Soolking and Heuss bastard (In my delirium), Bigflo & Oli (Dirty day), Koba Fda & Niro (Around me), PLK (No No No) and Daks (Good (Remix)). We can also find in the album the songs Good and My brother-in-law, and titles that speak of harassment of his mother and his wife as well as SDF.

And waltz the life of Black M

This is his on the homeless, as Well waltz life, that Black M has been chosen as the new extract of her album. The member Sexion Assault tells the story of the day where everything changed for an ordinary man, who wanted for nothing, become HOMELESS : “I was a father, a husband, a man loved / Never winter in my life, that summer / A car, education, and business / A flag to my name, I was filled / I don’t want your sandwich / And even less your pity / My wife, I miss Our memories haunt me / The rage in the belly / When I get back ?

With And waltz life, co-written and composed by Vianney, the interpreter of my road delivers a powerful message and touching that he decided to illustrate it with a clip artistic and very beautiful visually. A clip in which Black M plays the homeless, but also the heads of the orchestra to lead his / her life to the stick. Well-thought-out !

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