Black Widow : first trailer full of promises with Scarlett Johansson

Black Widow : first trailer full of promises with Scarlett Johansson

You mourn the end of it reserved to Natasha in the Avengers : Endgame ? Dry your tears, the heroine of Scarlett Johansson will return to the cinema in 2020, with the release of the movie Black Widow, whose first trailer has just been unveiled.

With 6 years of delay, it is April 29, 2020 as the Black Widow, out to the cinema with his own film solo, always worn by Scarlett Johansson. A highly anticipated film for fans of the MCU, but that, as to suggest the trailer, should be funnier than useless after the events of Endgame.

An epic movie… and useless

Yes, this new history – that will allow us to discover the past of Natasha and a part of his “family”, will not be truly linked to the recent events. In other words, all the issues should quickly make a “splash” – hard to focus when all seems superficial, and it seems already inconceivable to see this film, which will take place well before Infinity War and thus well before the jump in the time of Endgame, as a gateway for the integration of new characters with the Avengers.

Fortunately, in spite of a utility that polls, Black Widow should at least prove to be entertaining. In just a two-minute trailer, we are promised a few good fight scenes well badass, sequences, totally WTF, and a good dose of humor to the Marvel. It is always better than nothing, and it offers a better way out of this heroine after so many years.

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