Black Widow : Hopper of Stranger Things in the casting of the film solo with Scarlett Johansson ?

Black Widow : Hopper de Stranger Things au casting du film solo avec Scarlett Johansson ?

Black Widow : Hopper of Stranger Things in the casting of the film solo with Scarlett Johansson ?

In 20 days for the entire stack, the Avengers 4 : Endgame will be released in theaters in France. A film necessarily very expected after the end of the third pane in which Thanos would disappear, the half of the living beings of the universe. Among the survivors, we find Natasha Romanoffs aka Black Widow, played by Scarlett Johansson. The actress will soon be entitled to a movie solo, which would come to recruit one of the stars of Stranger Things, of which season 3 begins this summer on Netflix.

In preparation for several years already, the movie solo Black Widow or the black Widow in French is more concrete. After the huge success of Captain Marvel who just passed the bar of one billion dollars of revenue in the world, the Marvel studios are preparing another film centered on a heroine of women with the character played by Scarlett Johansson. After the first rumors including that of the participation of Emma Watson, the casting is precise.

David Harbour recruited for the film solo on Black Widow

According to the information of the very serious Hollywood Reporter, the film is expected to begin in June next year in London under the direction of Cate Shortland. Side casting, Scarlett Johansson will resume of course his role and will be surrounded by new players. Among them ? David Harbour. One that embodies Hopper in Stranger Things (season 3 arrives on July 4, next on Netflix) and soon to be the star of the movie Hellboy would have signed up for the film, but no details on his role have not been disclosed for the moment.

According to Variety, another star would be in talks to join the project : Rachel Weisz, nominated for an Oscar in 2019, for his role in The Favorite. Last month, the site also announced that Florence Pugh (The Little Drummer Girl, The four girls of doctor March version Greta Gerwig) was in contention to play the second female role in the film. That’s missing is the confirmations of Marvel !


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