Black Widow : Iron Man present in the film ? Robert Downey Jr responds

Black Widow : Iron Man présent dans le film ? Robert Downey Jr répond

Black Widow : Iron Man present in the film ? Robert Downey Jr responds

Marvel has not yet planned to film that focused on zombies, but this spring 2020 could be marked by the presence of two undead within the MCU. While Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) will be the star of his own movie in April, Iron Man (Robert Downey jr) could appear at his side.

Black Widow may be sacrificed in the film the Avengers Endgame, but the heroine of Scarlett Johansson will be yet to return to the cinema this year in his own movie solo (released on 29 April 2020). Impossible ? On the contrary, as this story will be well before the arrival of Thanos in our world.

Robert Downey Jr belies his appearance in Black Widow

So naturally, this pirouette story raises many questions on the continuation of the MCU and, in particular, on the possibility of seeing Iron Man, also killed at the last gathering of the Avengers, to find his ex-colleague during a cameo.

Unfortunately, if Deadline recently assured that Tony Stark will appear “one more time” on the screen in Black Widow, Robert Downey Jr has hinted at AND that he hadn’t turned : “An appearance of Tony Stark ? Bah, that would be cool they would prevent. A man warned is worth two. But they can do whatever they want now. Nothing that this interview could be done with the technology of the Deep Fake…

Marvel ready to cheat ?

And the actor did not believe so well to say. According to the rumors, the appearance of his character alongside Black Widow could actually see the light of day without him, thanks to the use of a cut scene of Captain America : Civil War. A situation that might disappoint some – what good is it to put Tony Stark in the film if it is an old scene ?, but that would not be amazing.

During an interview with Parade, cover by Comicbook, Robert Downey Jr, once said : “The war is over for me. I personally took a direction more wise“, before specifying that in the show of the Tonight Show, “It is better to go of his own initiative than be fired“.

Of course, one is never safe from a surprise, but the actor clearly seems to have turned the page of the MCU, proved by their new project the cinema : The Voyage of Dr. Dolittle.

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