Black Widow really dead ? Scarlett Johansson responds

Black Widow vraiment morte ? Scarlett Johansson répond

Black Widow really dead ? Scarlett Johansson responds

It is the next year that will be released in the cinema Black Widow, the movie solo centered on the heroine of Scarlett Johansson in Marvel. A project very surprising after his journey in the Avengers Endgame, which comes to react to the actress. Natasha is she really dead ? If yes, why this movie is there ? It says it all.

Black Widow really dead ?

On April 29, 2020, Scarlett Johansson will be returning to cinema with a film that focused on a solo adventure of the Black Widow, his famous character from the MCU. What to understand that Natasha Romanoffs is still life despite his sacrifice in the Avengers Endgame ? Unfortunately, the answer is no. For those who happened to be next to the info, this story will be in effect well before this ultimate confrontation against Thanos.

Of passage on the set of the Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon, the actress has just taken the opportunity to confirm with humor the fate of the friend of Hawkeye : “there are few things that are always certain, but death remains a certainty. And people don’t want to believe it. They are trying to convince me that my character is not really dead, that maybe it exists in an alternate universe, but no… in my opinion, the death is really final“.

A film necessary for Scarlett Johansson

But then, if Natasha / Black Widow is dead and is therefore no longer part of the future of the MCU, why did you agree to interpret it in such a film ? “Honestly, it has given me a feeling of conclusion, which I needed. I was particularly devastated after the last film, either emotionally or literally.”

Hard not to understand when one recalls the lack of respect for the writers / filmmakers against him in Endgame. Where Tony Stark had the right to a beautiful ceremony, her heroine was sadly missed. Thus, to listen to him, this catching up has made him a lot of good and should make the happiness of the fans : “I am very excited by this film. I can’t wait to share with the public, and it is fantastic.

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