Blanchet could continue

Blanchet pourrait poursuivre

Yves-François Blanchet would be in a good position to sue for defamation, according to a lawyer specializing in litigation.

“Mr. Blanchet has the right to defend himself in knowing at least that the accused. It seems to me to be a minimum “, believe Me Karim Renno, of the firm of Renno & Vathilakis.

There are three options to the chief bloquiste : prosecute people who have published allegations of sexual misconduct, forcing them to disclose the identity of the person behind the witness, or do both.

A judge could rule in his favor if the allegations prove to be true.

“A judge could say that it was done only to cause him harm. Denounce anonymously as in this case, it is to put the person in a situation where she can’t defend herself, ” said the lawyer.

take the word

According to Mylène Forget, president of the consulting firm public relations Massy Forget Langlois, if Yves-François Blanchet had not taken the word Sunday, his silence could be perceived as an admission, despite his denial by press release.

“The rumors, comments, editorials, chronicles : everything was in so that the subject was still in the news. The need to hold a press conference that was to pound the nail of his innocence “, thinks the expert.

But the tactic is risky.

“It would take is a single witness who corroborates the denunciation he will lose all credibility “, believes Ms. Forget.

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