Blaney will swim for Jean-Jacques Raynaud and Gordon Brown

The sixth annual crossing of the St. Lawrence River by Conservative MP Lévis, Steven Blaney, will have a special character on July 7. The event will feature for the sixth time Jean-Jacques Raynaud, whose life was saved in November with an open-heart operation, and Mr. Blaney will also remember another of his friends, the member for Leeds -Grenville-Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes Gordon Brown, died Wednesday of a heart attack.

“I had dinner on Tuesday with Gord and [Conservative Party leader] Andrew Scheer. Among other things, we talked about Mr. Scheer’s appearance on the program Tout le monde en parle . I had been around Gord since 2006 and we often played hockey together. He trained three or four times a week for hockey, but on Wednesday, when he came back from training, he felt unwell and died … It reminds us of the fragility of life, “he said. with emotion the member Friday, in a press conference.

Mr. Blaney, however, had another friend, alive and well: Jean-Jacques Raynaud, whose life was saved in November by an open-heart operation at the University Institute of Cardiology and Respirology of Quebec . The Foundation of the Institute will receive this year all the sums amassed by Steven Blaney’s Traversée.

Saved … twice!

We can also say that it is a little because of the Crossing that Mr. Raynaud could be operated. Like all participants, last year he underwent a medical test to ensure that his physical condition allowed him to cross. His cardiologist then informed him that one of his heart valves was completely calcified and that he had to be operated quickly, failing which he would not survive more than two years. The proud swimmer of 75 years still made the crossing, then was operated by Dr. Pierre Voisine at the Institute on November 15.

“I had a successful operation, but unfortunately, I had pneumonia and cardiac tamponade [an effusion of fluid under pressure between the two layers of the pericardium that compresses the heart] shortly after the operation. The Institute discovered it quickly and operated on me a second time. Two months later, I was working again, “says the septuagenarian who works in daycare.

“I did not know the Institute at all until they had these health problems, but they saved my life twice in a few days,” he says, vowing to be on the line again this year to his sixth crossing. “I started my training again recently. Thanks to the Institute, I will have the chance to once again take up this beautiful challenge. To show my gratitude, I will, this time, benefit the Foundation of the Institute. ”

It was Mr. Raynaud who went to see Steven Blaney to convince him to hand over the proceeds of the activity to the Foundation this year and his friend MP was not hard to convince. “Is not that a good story, that of Mr. Raynaud?” He said adding that the goal of this year’s crossing was to raise $ 25,000. The growing popularity of the crossing, however, forced the organizers to limit the number of swimmers to 25 for security reasons. A total of 22 participants were already registered on Friday.

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