Blasts in Lebanon: “there is more to Beirut,” said a resident

Explosions au Liban: «Il n'y a plus de Beyrouth», témoigne une résidente

BEIRUT | Rita Khoury, a resident of the capital of Lebanon, testified Tuesday of the fear experienced by his family and after the explosions which have thundered in the port city of Beirut.

In an interview with TVA News, Ms. Khoury, who lives fifteen minutes from the port, has detailed what she has seen from her home.

“I was looking at the sea. I saw a small fire, but I told myself that this was not abnormal, because there are a lot of fires, here, in Lebanon. After that, I saw like a small explosion, and we felt a thermal shock […] and, after that, I saw the big mushroom like a nuclear bomb.”

“There was a sound that was very, very strong,” she recounted.

“This is something that has made us very, very afraid,” she continued, stressing, however, that his family is in good health. “Everyone is well here where I live”, she said.

For Rita Khoury, this is a new event for a country that was already facing the COVID-19, as well as an economic and political crisis.

“There is more to Beirut,” said the resident, with a hint of despair.

She said that there are many people who live in the area of the explosion. “There are a lot of restaurants, bars. It is a humanitarian crisis. It is a economic crisis in addition. It is something very, very major”, she added.

“Hospitals, buildings, churches, everything is destroyed”, she hammered, pointing out that there was still a lot of people under the debris. “This is a disaster.”

It is the heart of Beirut that was hit Tuesday afternoon when the explosions rang out in the port of the city, leaving thousands injured and dozens dead, according to the first reports.

According to Ms. Khoury, of such explosions had not been seen in the city since the attack against the former chairman of the council of ministers Rafic Hariri, in February 2005.

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