Bleu jeans bleu opens its tour on a high note

Blue jeans blue opens its tour on a high


Jeans, candy pink, good old rock, a marriage proposal and more jeans, the group Bleu jeans bleu was “top kitty” Friday night at Club Soda where they were starting their new tour , “Top kitty” tour. 

Wearing the “Canadian tuxedo” as well as Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears in 2001, the jeans troupe led by Claude Cobra (Mathieu Lafontaine) presented mainly pieces from his fourth opus “Top Minou”, where allusions to food y are numerous. The Club Soda audience had the pleasure of expressing themselves on Friday evening on “Bacon en belly”, “I ate too many fries” and “Molle twist vanilla-vanilla”, with which the group opened the evening. .

Propelled to the top of the charts with the release of their single “Coton Ouaté” – which he notably had the chance to play with Celine Dion during his last visit to Montreal , in March 2020 –, Bleu jeans bleu gives a humorous tune, against a backdrop of catchy music. And it works!

On the floor, as on the mezzanines, the people in the room, an informed and invested public, sang and danced heartily to all the pieces presented during the evening. A festive atmosphere was also palpable there.

With his fringed jacket and his “R” rolls, the singer Claude Cobra probably had fun with the crowd during this festive concert, making him shout into his microphone “I ate too many fries” or dropping a few jokes in his vagaries.

Next to him, on the very small stage decorated with pink accessories and flower garlands, Wayne Wrangler (François Lessard), the guitarist, offered “fiery” solos, literally lighting pyrotechnic accessories on his electric guitar on “La pure pure butter 100% pure butter”, while a giant Pomeranian head sat above Lee Lou (Mathieu Colette), the drummer. Jean Levis (Pierre-David Girard), on bass guitar, was also good.

Marriage proposal and romance

A little before the half of the show, a spectator named Thierry went on stage with the complicity of the group to ask for the hand of his sweetheart. Bleu jeans bleu, joined by a brass quintet (Montréal Hornstars) – returned on a few occasions –, also dressed in jeans, then continued with the suave “Souper fondu”, then “J'te gâte all dressed”.< /p>

Just before “Coco de cuir”, which opened the last segment of the show, the group offered a potpourri of old rock hits from the 70s, 80s and 90s, as musical interlude, to the delight of the public who rose to the balcony to applaud. Claude Cobra also allowed himself at the end of the show to play the “crooner” for the play “Phrase fromagee”, during which he distributed a few heads of white flowers to the people gathered in front of the stage.

< p>The melody “Will you eat my sweet potato?”, “Do you want to go bowling”, “Buy our records” and the radio hit “Coton ouaté”, have also been reserved for the conclusion of the evening .

The band will be at the Impérial Bell in Quebec City on Saturday night and will continue their tour across the province throughout the year. For more info: