Blinken discusses with Managua “the importance of dialogue” after the release of political detainees

Blinken discusses with Managua


The head of American diplomacy Antony Blinken evoked Friday, in a rare direct exchange with the Nicaraguan power, “the importance of a constructive dialogue” after the release by Managua of more than 200 opponents, deported to the United States.

US Secretary of State and Nicaraguan Foreign Minister Denis Moncada discussed the release of these 222 prisoners and “the importance of constructive dialogue,” State Department spokesman Ned Price said. in a press release.

Opponents released by Managua were deprived of their civil and political rights and stripped of their nationality. Among them are former presidential candidates, journalists, former Sandinista guerrilla leaders, former ministers and former diplomats. Madrid announced its decision on Friday to offer them Spanish citizenship. that it was taken “unilaterally” by the regime of President Daniel Ortega, without any promise of easing US sanctions. 

President Ortega  Ortega for his part denied that this massive release was the result of “negotiation” with Washington, with whom relations have deteriorated sharply in recent years and which imposed sanctions on Managua after the repression of the 2018 anti-government protests. 

Mr. Price said that all those released had chosen to leave for the United States, except for two who decided to stay in Nicaragua. 

Nicaraguan bishop Rolando Álvarez, a critic of power but refused to be among those sent to the United States, was sentenced on Friday to 26 years in prison for “conspiring and spreading false news”.  

Relations between the Church Catholic Church and Mr. Ortega's government have been abysmal since in 2018 protesters calling for the resignation of the Nicaraguan president took refuge in churches. 

President Ortega has accused the Catholic Church of to be complicit in a coup attempt hatched by Washington.