Blue Jays: Brandon Belt wants to bounce back in Toronto

Blue Jays: Brandon Belt wants to bounce back in Toronto


Toronto Blue Jays newcomer Brandon Belt is not planning to arrive as a tourist in the Queen City. 

The first baseman was injured in the right knee for two years, but still played. On Wednesday, he said he had never felt better since his injury.

“I feel good,” said the man whose comments were reported by the Sportsnet network.

< p>“There will be no excuses for me. I'll say it right away, I feel as good as in 2020 and 2021. If it doesn't end with a season like this, it's not because of something physical. It will be because I didn't have the year I should have had. But I'm determined to have a good season.”

Last year, Belt batted .213 and hit 54 hits, including eight homers in a baseball uniform. San Francisco Giants.

In addition, his decision to join the Canadian team was made largely for his family.

“I had serious discussions with three or four teams, but to be honest what made the difference is that I felt my values ​​were more important. I don't want to say that the other teams were not good, but for my family it was the best situation, the best place for them. They have a good formation and it is a young team with potential. That's what made me lean in favor of the Blue Jays.”

Recall that Belt signed a one-year contract earning him $9.3 million.