BMW has changed its logo for the first time in 23 years

The BMW logo got rid of the black color and became flat

Evgeniy Opanasenko

Today, 16:32

Over the past few years in trends in the world of design there have been major changes. Replaced convex pseudo 3D came flat and nice 2D graphics Flat Design as opposed to realism. And change first touched computers and smartphones, now this fashion have moved into other areas. The pioneers were Apple, Google and Microsoft, and now the car manufacturers started to adopt the concept of flat design. In September last year, Volkswagen has released a new, flatter logo, and today was the turn of BMW.

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On the idea of “flat design” needs to emphasize the effect of “charming simplicity” and elegance. Because under this category fall the electric cars, then BMW decided to use the new logo in the newly introduced Concept electric car i4. The famous ring is now transparent and flat, avoiding the three-dimensional appearance of the old logo, light effects and shadows. However, the flat style doesn’t mean that BMW put a simple sticker is still full icon.

BMW сменила логотип впервые за 23 года

New BMW logo

Jens timer, senior Vice President of customer service and BMW brand, said that the company abandoned the black color in the logo, so the new icon “emits more openness and clarity” thanks to its transparent design. The new logo should attract the attention of young buyers who are well versed in the digital world.

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The carmaker has already updated their logo on Facebook. Will be interesting to see whether other automakers follow suit with BMW and VW, because competitors are not standing still, and continue to expand its presence on the Internet. Even Kia has recently introduced a new icon – and it is also flat.

BMW сменила логотип впервые за 23 года

BMW changed the logo in Facebook too

BMW сменила логотип впервые за 23 года

The evolution of the BMW logo

We will remind that earlier promised Android control car BMW c 2020. Also the Bavarian concern declared, that BMW goes to mass production of electric vehicles.

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BMW сменила логотип впервые за 23 года

BMW сменила логотип впервые за 23 года

BMW сменила логотип впервые за 23 года

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