Boaters, don’t cross the border

Plaisanciers, ne traversez pas la frontière

OTTAWA – In this period of a pandemic, the Agency of Canada border services (CBSA) reminds all boaters that it is still forbidden to cross the border for recreational purposes or as a tourist.

“The government of Canada has implemented border measures to limit the spread of the COVID-19 in Canada, including the restriction of all travel and discretionary in Canada,” said CBSA.

The Agency is well aware that with the arrival of the good weather, the owners of boats and pleasure craft will be tempted to cross the border with their boat using the inland waterways or coastal, or go to their cottage in Canada.

“These activities are considered as a travel-discretionary (non-essential), according to the temporary restrictions on travel are currently in force, and are therefore prohibited,” said the CBSA.

Boaters are still allowed to sail in international waters, but are not allowed to enter in the territorial waters or the border of Canada.

The minimum fine for violators is set at $1000.

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