Bodies emptied of their volunteers

Des organismes vidés de leurs bénévoles

Organizations that had been full of volunteers for the containment see their ranks are empty, even if the need for assistance remains just as great.

“The situation is quite critical […] It’s worse by the day,” said Ando Andrianady of the Centre d’action bénévole du Bas-Richelieu, Sorel-Tracy.

He has only three drivers volunteer to drive people who need medical transportation on the twenty that he usually has in his list.

The center turned to advertising in the local newspaper, on the radio, on the social networks. “It has not borne fruit so far,” says Mr. Andrianady.

With containment, the non-profit organizations have seen their demand explode, but have also been full of new volunteers for whom the work was on pause.

Return to work

Then, in the last few weeks, the shops and businesses have reopened their doors. Teachers are returned in class. The agencies are thus bled of their volunteers last month.

And, even in Montreal, where the déconfinement is less advanced. “Some tell us : “I’m not going to have vacation this summer. I’ll take a few weeks of rest” [before the return-to-work] “, said Jean-Sebastien Patrice, executive director of the organization MultiCaf, in Côte-des-Neiges, in Montreal.

“Each week, we must force it to edge. It was a good financial support, but this is the human resources which are running out “, is concerned there.

The lack of volunteers, “this is the reality of all our organizations,” says Wazna Azem, the volunteer Centre and moisson Laval.

And, even if the site Jebénévole had brought a windfall of volunteers at the end of march. “We had to reject [the applications],” she recalls. Now, many are no longer available, ” said Azem.

Needs that continue to exist

During this time, the needs of the users, themselves, has not decreased. For example, seniors are still afraid to leave their homes and therefore require deliveries of food, even if the déconfinement going well illustrates Mr. Andrianady.

“I was never short of volunteers in my life, I’ve been very lucky. Here, it is more difficult, ” says Ann Soucy, director of the Centre d’action bénévole Émilie-Gamelin in Joliette.

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