Boeing announces that it has resumed production of the 737 MAX, nailed to the ground for more than a year

Boeing annonce avoir repris la production du 737 MAX, cloué au sol depuis plus d’un an

NEW YORK-Boeing announced Wednesday have resumed production of the 737 MAX, aircraft nailed to the ground for more than a year after two accidents close together, having made 346 dead.

The return to service of this aircraft and its star, however, is not imminent, because Boeing has yet to get the green light from the civil aviation authorities on the changes made, in particular on the anti-stall MCAS involved in the two accidents.

A flight test supervised by the regulators is needed. Sources regulatory reported last week at the AFP that this flight test would not take place until June, which is likely to shake up the calendar of Boeing, which hopes to return in the sky of the 737 MAX “mid-2020”.

“The program 737 has started to assemble the equipment at a low rate, while putting up more than a dozen initiatives to improve the safety of the work environment and the quality of the products”, said on Wednesday the Seattle giant, in a press release.

The group had suspended production of the 737 MAX in January, to try to smooth tensions between its former CEO, Dennis Muilenburg, and the civil aviation authorities and airline customers.

Prior to the decision, Boeing was able to produce some 400 737 MAX among the accident of a copy of Ethiopian Airlines march 10, 2019 and December 31.

This aircraft represents more than two-thirds of the order book and is central to the survival of the medium-term aircraft manufacturer, which, as the entire air transport suffers from the health crisis.

In the Face of the pandemic and to save costs, the airlines want to use more of the single-aisle lines that were up here the big carriers.

The 737 MAX is the only product from Boeing that could compete with the A320NEO and the A220, two models of its european rival Airbus.

In addition to the discount in service, there remains some uncertainty on the resumption of deliveries of the 737 MAX, suspended for a year.

In the meantime, Boeing has begun to detail on Wednesday that the removal of 16,000 jobs, or about 10 % of its workforce via a voluntary departure and compulsory redundancies, announced in April, to save money.

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