Boeing Ukrainian shot down in Iran: the experts have started to work on the black boxes

Boeing ukrainien abattu en Iran: les experts ont commencé à travailler sur les boîtes noires

Paris | The experts started Monday for their work extracting data from black boxes of the Boeing Ukrainian shot down in January over the city of Teheran, in a laboratory near Paris, announced the Office of investigations and analyses (BEA) French.

In a tweet, the BEA, which provides technical assistance, says that “the technical work on the Cockpit Voice Recorder” (CVR), which records conversations between the pilots and sounds in the aircraft, started by a “visual inspection” and the opening of the recorder.

Photos, showing a cylinder orange appearance were apparently preserved, accompanying the tweet of the BEA, which is in the framework of a safety investigation led by Iran “.

The cockpit voice recorder and the Flight Data Recorder” (FDR), which is all the flight parameters (speed, altitude, engine speed, trajectory, etc), had a little earlier been officially handed over to the BEA for analysis.

Of the members of the Bureau of investigation in u.s., the NTSB, Boeing, the Organization of international civil aviation, the engine manufacturer Safran and offices of inquiry, british, Swedish and canadian attend to the operations, in addition to the Iranians, according to the BEA.

“Ukraine looks forward to the results of the decryption of the black boxes and the beginning of the negotiating process with Iran”, has praised on Facebook the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, for which the sending of the black boxes in France and their analysis by the BEA French, the “impeccable reputation” was “the right step to carry out the investigation.”

The iranian armed forces have recognized at the January 11, having shot down “by error” of three days earlier the Boeing operating as flight PS 752 of Ukraine International Airlines between Tehran and Kiev, shortly after its takeoff from the international airport of Tehran.

The tragedy claimed the lives of 176 people on board the aircraft, in the majority of Iranians and Canadians, many with dual nationality.

Struck a us embargo, Tehran was reported immediately after the crash he refused to send the United States the black boxes, even if the aircraft and the engines were of american design.

But Iran does not have the technical means to extract and decrypt the data of the black boxes.

After fighting diplomatic between Canada and Ukraine, who claimed that the black boxes will be sent abroad for analysis, the Bureau of investigations and analyses (BEA) French had indicated in late June that Iran had formally requested its technical assistance to repair and download data from the black boxes.

A few laboratories in the world have the technical capacity to rehabilitate recorders damaged to be able to extract the data.

The last report of the civil Aviation of iran, published in mid-July, said that the “key element” to the cause of the tragedy was ” human error “, namely, the improper adjustment of a military radar monitoring of other malfunctions.

The black boxes should contain information on the last moments of the plane before it was hit by two missiles, ground-to-air and crashed.

On this day, the air defenses of Iran were in a state of high alert after the shooting by the islamic Republic of missiles on a base in iraq housing u.s. soldiers for revenge against the powerful general iranian Qassem Soleimani, who was killed in a strike drone in the u.s. to Baghdad on 3 January.

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