Boeing Ukrainian shot down: Iran has agreed to compensate the families, announces the Sweden

Boeing ukrainien abattu: l’Iran a accepté d’indemniser les familles, annonce la Suède

Tehran has agreed to compensate the families of the foreign victims of the Boeing Ukrainian shot down by mistake by Iran in January, announced Thursday, the Swedish minister of foreign Affairs.

Iran and the countries concerned “have signed an agreement-in-principle” and “there is no doubt” that Tehran will have to pay, even if the exact amount has yet to be the subject of discussions, according to the statements of the minister Ann Linde at the Swedish agency TT confirmed to AFP by his spokesman.

Of the 176 victims were mainly of Iranian-Canadians, but also of Afghans, British and Swedish, as well as eleven Ukrainian.

“We have signed an agreement-in-principle according to which we are going to negotiate with Iran on compensation to the relatives of the victims,” said the minister.

As to whether Tehran will actually pay a sum, ” there is no doubt about it. On the other hand we do not know what that amount is going to be, the negotiations have to clarify it “, she added.

No confirmation was immediately available iranian side.

Seventeen Swedish and residents of Sweden were on board the 8th of January.

At the end of June, Iran had already formally requested the assistance of the Bureau d’enquêtes et d’analyses (BEA) in the data recovery of the black boxes of the device, was announced the French organisation, internationally recognised for analyzing crashes in the air.

The iranian armed forces had recognized the 11th January that it had shot down “by error” of three days earlier, the device that had just departed from Tehran to Kiev.

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