Boeing will instruct pilots on a new

Boeing проинструктирует пилотов о новом ПО

Will train more than 200 pilots.This week, Boeing will conduct training more than 200 pilots, leading technicians and regulators from around the world about software updates, and improved training for its 737 MAX aircraft, after Ethiopian airlines expressed confidence in the manufacturer of the aircraft, despite the recent accident, reports the with reference to 112.

“The meeting on Wednesday is a sign that Boeing is nearing completion of the planned repair software needed in order to ground the Park returned to commercial service, although this will require the approval of the regulatory authorities”, – stated in the message.

US official said that the planned changes include a 15-minute training session to help the pilot to deactivate the system to prevent breakdowns, known as MCAS, in case of failure, sensor data or other problems.

Meeting in Renton, Washington is part of the efforts to bring all current and future operators of the 737 MAX and their regulators to discuss software updates and improved training for the aircraft, the statement said Boeing.

Among those invited to the meeting – Indonesian airline Garuda, which last week said it plans to cancel orders for 49 aircraft 737 MAX, citing loss of confidence of passengers. The company has said it will not be able to send your pilot to the meeting.

Singapore Airlines Ltd announced that its subsidiary, SilkAir, which operates with 737 MAX, has received a meeting invitation and send representatives.

The representatives of the civil aviation authority of Singapore will also participate, said the press-Secretary of the regulator.

Korean Air Lines Co Ltd, which was to get its first 737 MAX in April, said it plans to send pilots in Renton. The representative of the South Korean airline Eastar Jet will send two pilots, reported the press Secretary of the carrier.

Flydubai representatives will also be present at the meeting this week, said the press-Secretary of the Dubai-based airline.

On Saturday, teams of three U.S. airlines that own the 737 MAX, joined the meeting in Renton, to consider the planned software update.

US official who was briefed on the matter on Saturday, said that the Federal aviation administration (FAA) has not yet signed the agreement to upgrade software and training, but intends to review and approve them by April.


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