Bohdan Khmelnytsky and Lesya Ukrainka talking voices Ukrainian stars in the new project “Book-mandruk. Ukraine”

The new season of “Book-mandruk. Ukraine” started on August 27

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Богдан Хмельницкий и Леся Украинка заговорили голосами украинских звезд в новом проекте "Книга-мандрівка. Україна"

A frame from the video “the Book-mandruk. Ukraine”

On August 27 kicked off a new season of “Book-mandruk. Ukraine“. This is the first Ukrainian animated project, based on real events and unreal adventures amazing Ukrainians.

Watch the video about how Ukrainian stars remember the cartoon characters of the 90s:

What can it tell us about Bohdan Khmelnytsky his Mace, and about Alexander Dovzhenko’s diary? Why with Ivan Mazepa his two inseparable companions — Zrada and Peremoga? Odessa has saved the world from cholera? These and other unreal adventures real Ukrainians can be seen in the 25 series “Books mandruk”. The audience for the stories, revealing the wow-facts about the history, culture, geography, art and science of Ukraine.

On the series worked with a team of more than 80 specialists, illustrators, animators, writers, Directors, producers, musicians, sound engineers. The scoring was attended by TV presenters Michael Schur and Yanina Sokolova, singer Valery harchishin, writer Irena Karpa, actor Ostap Stupka and other prominent Ukrainians. It is planned to create 45 episodes, including a special project devoted to Ukraine’s “game of thrones” — Kievan Rus.

27 August at the YouTube channel “Books mandruk” premiered the first two episodes of the new season. One of them tells about who, when and why created the soup. The creators of the series also could not miss the 163 th anniversary of the birth of Ivan Franko, therefore, on the same day appeared a second series — with a story about the outstanding Ukrainian writer.

The project began in 2018, with best-selling books “Book-mandruk. Ukraine”. The idea and concept was developed by Irina Taranenko and Julia Kurova, the founder of the creative Agency Green Penguin. They were the showrunners of the cartoon series, filmed in pioneering for Ukraine format edutainment (eng. education+entertainment, education, and entertainment). The first season of the series was watched by more than a million viewers, and he even went beyond the Ukraine through English, German and Japanese subtitles.

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“In the series “Book-mandruk. Ukraine” we talk about the important achievements of Ukrainians, about our history, which for centuries copied. We want about Ukraine and its wonderful people knew the whole world. After all, we can be proud of! Let’s do it together. All the cartoons you can watch free on YouTube. Join us!” — said one of the creators of the series Irina Taranenko.

Earlier, journalist and TV presenter Yanina Sokolova has published a teaser of the film “I, Nina.” It is a multimedia project whose aim is to change the relationship of society to cancer patients and cancer patients themselves. The film is based on real events and shows the life of a famous TV presenter.

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