Boil in Mercier-est

Avis d’ébullition dans Mercier-Est

MONTREAL | A notice of boil order has been issued on Thursday, in an area in the Mercier-est neighbourhood in Montreal.

The boil affects the area north of highway 138, between highway 25 and the avenue Georges V and follows the limits of the borough of Mercier–Hochelaga-Maisonneuve to the north.

Some residents of Anjou, bordering the area, are also affected by this notice.

The residents of the areas affected by the boil water advisories should boil water at least 1 minute before consuming it or using it for brushing teeth.

For other uses, it is not necessary to boil the water.

The advisory is in effect for 48 h. new instructions will be released by Saturday.

The measure is preventive, because of the work done for breach of conduct of the network of drinking water supply caused by a private contractor in the rue de Boucherville.

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