Boil water advisory in Shawinigan: Bottles of water go like hot cakes

Bullition notice in Shawinigan: Bottles of water go like small water hot breads

MISE & Agrave; DAY

The citizens of Shawinigan have been stocking up on bottled water since they learned this week that the new water treatment plant was ceasing its operations for an indefinite period.

The municipality has issued a boil water advisory that could last for weeks. As the holidays approach, this is a puzzle for many. Citizens rushed to buy bottles of water, so traders had to rationalize the quantities.

“Yesterday, everyone was rushing for bottles of water and we haven't received our quantities yet. So we limited the quantities a bit to ensure that the population had access to water. From this morning, stocks returned. I have plenty of water, “said a shopkeeper from Shawinigan.

At the Casa grecque restaurant, employees have to come home earlier to boil the water that will be used for cooking vegetables, etc. As the restaurant receives some 400 diners on weekend evenings during the holiday season, the owner is concerned about the high costs that will be required to provide bottled water to all customers during the meal.

The firefighters in the region have distributed jugs of water to community organizations that are also busy at this time of year to provide meals or food to people in need.

“When I told the cooks earlier, they were very happy to see that the city was going to allow us to make meals much better, more simply, with water already ready”, an official communicated.

The municipality recalls that the supply of drinking water is possible and free at the municipal garage in Shawinigan. For citizens, the concern is above all not knowing how long this boil water advisory will last.

Mayor Michel Angers hopes the problem will be resolved before the holidays. Several tests must be carried out on the quality of the water, the results of which must be analyzed and sent to the ministry. Everyone hopes to have access to safe drinking water before the end of 2021.

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