Bojack Horseman, The Kassos, Big Mouth… Zoom in on these animated series are prohibited to children

Bojack Horseman, Les Kassos, Big Mouth... Zoom sur ces séries animées interdites aux enfants

Bojack Horseman, The Kassos, Big Mouth… The animated series not suitable for children

The last few episodes of season 6 – and the series, Bojack Horseman is now available on Netflix. The animated series will you miss ? No problem, we offers you one other that are forbidden to children in order to compensate for this vacuum. The Kassos, Big Mouth… you have the choice !

Bojack Horseman

It is this Friday 31 January that Netflix has brought online the final part of the series. And if you have not yet looked at it, it is not too late. Because Bojack Horseman, this is not any animated series. Under its air of comedy and his universe as colourful as unlikely, it deals with perfection, a topic often overlooked : depression. We see it in all its forms, it follows its consequences, we learn what it is… Bojack Horseman is never as strong as when it is taken seriously. Of course, we laugh a lot in front of this fiction, but it is a true slap in the face. A reminder that nothing is easy, that a smile can hide terrible things and that “going well” is a concept that has no meaning.

Small bonus, the series also deals with the theme of the asexualité, rarely highlighted in the fictions. And, again, this is brilliant.

Bojack Horseman

Bigh Mouth

This is not a series to put in the hands of children, however, it is perfect for teens. And for good reason, Big Mouth interest is an intelligent way to all of the problems that you may encounter during this period, and covers important subjects related to sexuality. And the coolest thing is that there is absolutely no taboo, something rare enough on the subject. Yes, if the sex education classes more akin to an episode of Big Mouth, Google would be spared of all these issues WTF who haunt these pages… Learn in a fun way has never made sense here.

Big Mouth

The Kassos

It is simple, The Kassos is not made for children because she takes sadistic pleasure… to break our childhood. In fact, the series is fun to put on stage versions of mayhem from our heroes / favorite heroes (Pokemon, Inspector Gadget, Terminator, etc.) through problems of alcohol, drugs or biases of particular concern. You are clearly not ready for the shock that awaits you (and it is for that that we love so much !)

The Kassos

South Park

We do this more, the series of Trey Parker and Matt Stone is clearly a benchmark in the genre. Irreverent, unpredictable, uncontrollable… South Park is not prohibited nothing, and often done poorly. And if one can regret his lack of experience, his love of the impertinence at the expense of a little more work or a part of his fan-base who can no longer tell the difference between the series and the real world (quite ironic when you think about it), one cannot fail to applaud the efforts put in place behind its production, since each episode is almost created in real time in order to stick to the actu. A performance amazing.

South Park : trailer

Love, Death + Robots

Series anthology, with episodes that have nothing to do between them, Love, Death + Robots is a nugget, and visual. Each episode goes above and beyond in terms of creativity, either in the stories, its graphics or its mise en scene, and you come out with stars in their eyes. It is rough around the edges by now, not always regular, but it never leaves us indifferent. Love, Death + Robots will never have an aura like the series above, but it offers us an incredible experience and unique that one can only enjoy.

Love Death + robots

Rick & Morty

In term of creativity and madness, one difficult to better. The series looks a little too much the navel from time to time, sometimes wants to do too much to surprise at all costs its audience, but it’s still awesome.

Rick & Morty


A series carried by a spy as gifted as stupid, who thinks only of sex, alcohol and who has a strong tendency to sexism, it can only attract our gaze. But Archer is much more than that : these are valves every second, the secondary characters are complementary and crossed each other, a dubbing delicious and ideas to the shovel. The series has been proven once again in recent years, it is able to be renewed without difficulty.


Robot Chicken

Animation series, produced in stop-motion, it is in the line of a South Park. Sassy, violent, vulgar… it hijacks the codes of the pop-culture and took advantage of his kind to allow concepts that are totally crazy. It is not the most indispensable, but it preserves its importance in the world of animation.

Robot Chicken


And if ever it is not enough for you, know that Adult Swim has recently given birth to Primal, a fiction so improbable as it is brilliant. The program ? Located in the prehistoric era, the plot allows us to follow a cave man in a hostile world, with a dinosaur. It is ultra-violent (it insists on it), the scene vibrant and the graphics flatter the retina, it is original (no dialogue, just sound crazy), in short, it is a real gift from heaven. We do breath ever before the series, but it gets off.


But also…

And if ever it is not enough for you, you can also take a look at F is for family (which will change your vision of the family) or Paradise Police (in which you will see the police in a very different way) on Netflix, you the play retro and plunge into the heart of the suburb and French codes with the cult of The Thugs of Canal+ (which by the way had the right, in its live version), or even Family Guy available on MCM, a case of Simpson a little more relieved.

We can also provide you with Mr. Flap (francetv slash / studio) that follows the adventures ultra weird of a man with head of ass, lastman square (Netflix) – prequel of the cult COMIC French, which literally stoned all in an ambiance mi-Nicky Larson, mid-film noir/SF, all worn by a VF incredible, or Peepoodo (Blackpill) which, as stated in the synopsis to be particularly effective is “an educational series for children over the age of 18, Peepoodo & The Super Fuck Friends is exploring uninhibited sexuality in all its forms, with dicks and tits“.

Mr Flap


Lastman square


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