Bolsonaro, contaminated, walks to motorcycle and discussed without a mask

Bolsonaro, contaminé, se promène à moto et discute sans masque

The president of the brazilian Jair Bolsonaro, infected by the coronavirus, walked Thursday on a motorcycle and is maintained without the mask with sweepers near his home in Brasilia, according to photos released in the media.

Mr. Bolsonaro, 65, announced on 7 July that he had contracted the Covid-19 and said on Wednesday that according to a new test it was still positive. It appears on the photos published Thursday without a helmet and without a mask talking with a sweeper, which does not mask it either.

On another photo, the president is helmeted, but the visor of his helmet is lifted and he welcomes a certain distance of two sweepers in the vicinity of the palace of Alvorada, her official residence in Brasilia, where he is confined since the diagnosis of contamination has been raised.

Questioned by the AFP on this episode, the secretariat of Communication of the Planalto, the brazilian presidency, replied, ” Planalto will not comment “.

In a message he posted Thursday on Facebook, Mr. Bolsonaro has said that he feels “very good” but that he is ” a little bit stressed to be locked up “.

On the date of Thursday, Brazil, which is after the United States, the country most heavily hit by the Covid-19, there were nearly 2.3 million cases of infection and more than 84 000 deaths.

Mr. Bolsonaro, a former member of the far-right has often downplayed the seriousness of the pandemic, it has long qualified as a ” grippette “. He criticized the containment measures decided by the governors of the brazilian States, highlighting the need not to block the national economy.

“We are concerned about lives, but the side-effect of this policy (quarantine, editor’s note) will kill more people than the virus “, he repeated.

A federal parliamentary, Marcelo Freixo, has blasted the behaviour of the president. This ride on motorcycle is ” the image of the monstrosity of Bolsonaro and his contempt for the life of the Brazilians “, he tweeted.

Since it is contaminated, Mr. Bolsonaro, who works in video conferencing, was in the habit of strolling in the gardens of the palace of Alvorada. It is sometimes met with supporters who came to greet him, keeping a certain safety distance.

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