Bolsonaro request to the Brazilian film the hospital

Bolsonaro demande aux Brésiliens de filmer les hôpitaux

The president of the brazilian Jair Bolsonaro has sparked an outcry after he called Thursday evening to the population of the filming of the hospitals to verify their occupancy, in full pandemic COVID-19.

“It would be well that you should go to a hospital near you ( … ), and find a way to get in to film”, has launched the head of State during its transmission in a live, weekly on Facebook.

“A lot of people already do, but it would take more than that, to show whether the beds are occupied or not”, he continued, before explaining that the videos posted on the social networks would be “filtered” and then analyzed by the police or the intelligence services.

“According to my information, I may be mistaken, but practically no one has lost life due to lack of respirator or a bed in the intensive care unit”, said the president of the extreme right.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the official figures reported by times of occupancy of more than 95% of beds in intensive care units in many States, even if this rate has fallen in recent days in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, where a reopening gradually shops began.

“If Bolsonaro was at the height of its function, if it was not as desperate, he would know that he did not need to send people to invade hospitals. (…) If he wants to visit our hospitals, I show him myself,” responded on Twitter Flavio Dino, governor of the State of Maranhao.

The president never went with patients or caregivers in the hospitals since the beginning of the crisis, at the end of February.

“When Jair Bolsonaro asks supporters to invade hospitals, under the pretext of filming the beds, he puts lives in danger with impunity,” she said the member of parliament for the left Paulo Fernando dos Santos.

The curves of the pandemic is on the rise in Brazil, which has exceeded the threshold of 40 000 dead and 800 000 contamination.

“The health system is not fully saturated, but in some areas there is a strong pressure on the bed occupancy in intensive care,” said Friday Mike Ryan, the director issues a health emergency the world health Organization (WHO), during a press conference in the video conferencing.

“The situation in Brazil is alarming, all States are affected”, he added, while insisting on the fact that, although “under pressure”, the country could still meet the demand of hospital beds.

Jair Bolsonaro is engaged in a standoff with the governors of the States, having taken containment measures, advocating the resumption of economic activities in the name of preserving jobs.

Last week, the government has been very criticized for having disseminated balance sheets, official truncated from the dead, and cases of contamination.

The ministry of Health has finally returned back on Tuesday, a judge of the supreme Court which ordered the publication of the statistics of the pandemic in their entirety.

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