Bomb threat on a flight between Poland and Greece

Bomb threat on flight from Poland to Greece


Two Greek F-16s escorted a Ryanair plane from Katowice (Poland) to Athens as a precaution after a bomb threat was reported on the flight, a ministry source said on Sunday Greek Defense.  

The aircraft, with more than 190 people on board, landed safely shortly before 4:00 p.m. GMT at Athens International Airport and was being inspected by deminers, the official Greek agency ANA said.

The two fighter-bombers intercepted the airliner as it entered Greek airspace, above the North Macedonia, the same source told AFP. It had previously been escorted on sight by Hungarian Air Force jets.

The airliner was met at a secluded location at Athens airport for inspection by a demining team. The origin of the bomb threat has not yet been specified.