Bond and Package together

Bond et Paquet réunis

Philippe Bond and Dominic Paquet made the rain and beautiful weather during the presentations at The gala des Olivier there a dozen years. The two clubs will be reunited in the animation of the two evenings of the festival tonight is char !, in the next week.

Philippe Bond admits from the outset : he had a few questions the first time we spoke to him about playing in drive-ins.

“I was wondering how this would play in front of the world in cars,” he said. But the team of Entourage (who produced This evening we are going to char !) reassured me by telling me that people would buy the lots and that they could get out of the car. “

The animation of the two nights, the comedian will return to its “old sidekick” Dominic Paquet. “It must be about 18 years that I have known,” said Philippe Bond. We wrote four original numbers from 8 to 10 minutes for the two nights. They will be very physical. “

The two comics were inspired by the pandemic in order to write their jokes. “There will be a number on the confinement and on the distancing, where Dominic tries to explain how it works, the two metres to the film and a meter and a half in the restaurant ! “says Philippe.

The festival tonight is char ! will be held on 21 and 22 July at the Ciné-Parc St-Eustache. For details : Philippe Bond will also be performing at the Festival at the Wheel (FAUV), July 24, in Drummondville.

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