“Bonjour smokes on the sidelines”: Lyashko in one apron blew Network

"Бонжур курит в сторонке": Ляшко в одном фартуке взорвал Сеть

Ukrainians reacted with irony to such an unexpected way Lyashko.Scandalous people’s Deputy Oleg Lyashko decided to surprise Ukrainians with another one of its talent: the politician has published a video in which he cooks with his apron on naked body/

On Saturday, November 10, MP published on his page in Facebook video, which he carefully prepares the meat with mushrooms. Thus, according to the staff, from clothes to Lyashko only an apron.

“I love to cook since childhood”, signed video MP.

In the frame in addition to the Lyashko is present with his spouse, Rosita, who helps him to cook. She always gives her husband a helpful tips and answers to his questions.

In comments to the video, many Ukrainians ironically reacted to this unexpected way Lyashko.

“A new “subject” of the Lyashko – “Breakfast for Ukrainian families during the economic crisis”, Apollo”, “Bonjour nervously smokes on the sidelines”, “On the heating did not save)” – joking users.

"Бонжур курит в сторонке": Ляшко в одном фартуке взорвал Сеть

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