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Bonnardel does not like to talk about the environment

Bonnardel does not like to talk about the environment


For the fourth time in six months, the Minister of Transport remains silent after our revelations about the poor environmental record of his team.

Contacted yesterday, the cabinet of the Minister of Transport François Bonnardel indicated that it was not possible to speak to him. 

We wanted him to react to our report, in which we revealed that the government would not require greenhouse gas reductions for its sites considered green or “carbon neutral”. 

In a short written statement, the minister's office however acknowledged that improvements were still to be made. Rather, carbon neutrality will be implemented gradually and the ministry is still developing its expertise, we are told.

“We want to improve our ways of doing things, but the short-term needs for major projects are enormous,” the firm points out. We are working with university researchers to continue to improve our practices.”

Discreet Minister

Since Minister Bonnardel promised that the third link to Quebec would be carbon neutral in November, it is rather discreet when it comes time to defend its balance sheet. He did not respond to our interview requests when we revealed:

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