Booba : after Kaaris, it offers an octagon to The Weasel… who responds to him

Booba : après Kaaris, il propose un octogone à La Fouine... qui lui répond

Booba : after Kaaris, it offers an octagon to The Weasel… who responds to him

While it will ultimately not the right to fight between Booba and Kaaris, will there be an octagon between the Duke of Boulogne, and The Weasel ? After the release of its Colourful, B20 has challenged his old enemy to fight it on a ring. A proposal to which he responded on Instagram…

For more than a year, the likelihood of a fight between Booba and Kaaris we will have been kept in suspense. After being beaten to the Orly airport on August 1, 2018, the two rappers were ready to fight in a octagon for an MMA fight. But after the galleys of the organization, disagreements and many insults, the rapper from Sevran let go of the case, much to the chagrin of the Duke of Boulogne, who was struggling to get used to the idea. It must be said that he had trained hard…

After Kaaris, Booba defies The Weasel

History of not having done that for nothing, he has proposed an octagon to another one of his enemies : The Weasel. What has caused this ? His last sound Colored, in which he said : “I have never sought the fight but I have never denied.” Booba has decided to take his oldest enemy at his word : “Therefore, I propose to you an Octagon. Beautiful poster you’re more in hess we have done this in France it is legalized in 2020 we made the U-Arena one is redone ! Beautiful poster the Duke 1m92 the Pointer 1m98 say what ?”.

The rapper responds to her proposal of octagon

A proposal to which Laouni Mouhid, his real name, has responded in a negative way : “I say that you lose your time as a guy in a hotel dirty that speaks of love to a tapin who lives only for his mouth. Good day to you Helicopter ! Down you with your Jnounes is better”. What a pity…

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