Booba and La Fouine, and soon the reconciliation ? Not really…

Booba et La Fouine, bientôt la réconciliation ? Pas vraiment...

Booba and La Fouine, and soon the reconciliation ? Not really…

Between Booba and La Fouine, it is the war for more than seven years. Most of the internet users are wondering if a reconciliation is still possible between the two rappers. Well, to have the heart net, a Twitter has dared to ask the famous question to Fouiny Babe. So, verdict ? Check out his response.

Even if Booba made new enemies (Gims, Dadju, Damso, Patrice Group…) in recent years, his most loyal rivals are still there. We speak of course of Kaaris, with which the octagon will ultimately not take place, Rohff and… The Weasel ! The Duke of Boulogne, and Fouiny Babe hate since 2012 and their relationship has not changed between time : B2O has suggested an octagon to The Weasel in October 2019. If the battle ends like the one with Kaaris, the interpreter of The Farm doesn’t have too much trouble to do.

“It is behind me.”

In any case, some internet users still hoping for a reconciliation and a new collaboration between Booba and La Fouine. “You say perhaps not, but your clash with Booba, or all the clash which concerns do you think this would be a good idea to set it in a single sound ? For example, you and Booba on the same beat, each one poses with his best verse, and in the end it is a classic…“, posted a Twitter.

Well, the rapper, who will release their new album “Blessings” on the 24th of January 2020, has taken the time to reply : “We do respect ever as Men, but as Artists it is something else. It is behind me and I prefer to laugh.” Bon ben voila, you have the answer : Booba and La Fouine are not about to bury the hatchet. Not too disappointed ?

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