Booba armed menace Kaaris sur Instagram… making fun of him

Booba armé menace Kaaris sur Instagram... qui se moque de lui

Booba armed menace Kaaris sur Instagram… making fun of him

Before returning to Kaaris in an octagon, Booba pass the time as he can. And, according to his last video posted on Instagram, it is with a weapon that fantasy now on the interpreter from the album “Black Gold 3”.

Booba and Kaaris may be 40 years, but the two rappers still have a mentality of schoolchildren. And for good reason, rather than devote himself to music and to go out of the securities used as drinking water, both adults prefer to bicker like kids in a playground and clasher repeatedly on the social networks.

Booba and Kaaris, the pranks continue

As a result, as it has recently been announced, tired of throwing insults on Instagram, the two enemies are going to move to a higher level in competing on a ring next December in Geneva (Switzerland). Unfortunately, where we thought that they would logically make a truce in order to prepare the better the fight, the two rappers still continue and always to look for lice on their skulls bald.

The program this time ? Booba just posted a video in which he is seen practicing to shoot at the gun (ball ?) aiming for a target… with the head of Kaaris. A provocation which could worry the main question, which has finally decided to return that threat to the Duke of Boulogne. Yes, while some fans were already taking his defense, Kaaris simply mocked the declaration of invalidity for the shooting of his opponent : “I hope your left straight are more accurate than your tires because you’re going to pop them in the octagon. He is dreaming of me, he printed my photo, incredible“.

Adolescence, this period thankless life…


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