Booba attacks Stromae and it's violent: “We don't give a damn about your life”

Booba attacks Stromae and it's violent: "We don't give a fuck about your life"

Booba attacks Stromae and it's violent And yet another enemy to add to Booba's (long) list. On Instagram, the Duke of Boulogne once again took advantage of a post to let go like never before. His new victim? Stromae who has just made his return with a new title, L'enfer, where he evokes his depression and his suicidal thoughts. If everyone cries genius after the Belgian singer's appearance on TF1's newscast, the rapper is not one of his fans and violently tackled him.

Are there still people with whom Booba is not estranged? Frankly, it's hard to believe. For years, the rapper has been chaining clashes at all costs, in particular via his Instagram account. Kaaris is therefore no longer the only one to be targeted by his critics. After attacking Mister V and Squeezie or Sebydaddy, Booba let loose on Stromae.

When Booba violently tackles Stromae

Sunday January 9, 2022, Stromae unveiled its new title in the TF1 news. After Health, the singer sang his title L'enfer live. A song where he evokes his suicidal thoughts during his depression, after the success of his album “Racine Carrée”. A highly acclaimed performance on the networks … except by Booba. This Friday, January 14, the rapper did not hesitate to attack the Belgian. On Instagram, he posted a montage where we can see Stromae, Orelsan and Gims which he qualifies as “3 big shits” (for the subtlety, we'll come back).

In his message, the Duke of Boulogne makes very cash comments about Stromae. “ The other, he comes back inflated with xanax on TF1, he tells us about his depression but brother the whole world is sinking” he writes. And to add: “We don't give a damn about your life, what use are you to us? We didn't wait for you to depress us, we have no more freedom. Go take your pills and stay to bed!!!“. Nice…

Hell applauded by health professionals

So if Booba didn't like this new sound that he considers useless, this is not the case for doctors. After the title was released, many healthcare professionals applauded Stromae's title. Even the director of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, congratulated the Belgian. “A big thank you to Stromae for tackling the difficult topic of suicide on your latest album. So important to ask for help if you need it” he wrote, in French , on Twitter.

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