Booba banned (yet) Instagram : it invades Twitter

Booba banni (encore) d'Instagram : il envahit Twitter

Booba banned (yet) Instagram : it invades Twitter

Bobba is punished ! After the “non-compliance with the standards of the community,” Instagram has decided to remove the Duke of Boulogne, but the rapper has tried to do some forcing trying to come back. The social network was still banned. B2O has chosen to invade Twitter with posts worthy of a troll.

To play too much with fire, Booba has suffered the consequences : “Apparently this is my last post ! Instagram close my account permanently at 16h“, he announced to his community before attempting to catch up with Insta : “I do not do it on Instagram I promise to be above reproach.” Unfortunately for him, the social network was still banned, but for what reason ? A “history of buttocks” apparently. After this decision shock, Instagram has explained to the Huffington Post : “We’ve deleted the account of Booba and have him forbidden to use Instagram for violating these rules.

After Instagram, Booba goes to Twitter

Thinking more poorly than the network, Booba, who has collaborated with Maes on the album “The last men”, attempted to return with a new account called @boobaghost. Nice try, but Insta has burnt direct, and has once again been suspended !

Suddenly, the enemy of Damso turned back on… Twitter without changing its habits, as he continues to play trolls again and again : “When you count the days without insta. But you know you’ll be back in X with a pgp and an ip address that you geolocates in a Koala burned in the 3rd degrees in Sydney in Australia“, “I plead allegiance to the great network of the blue Bird”, “freedom of speech is for idiots”, a-t-il, for example, tweeted. In short, Booba will never stop. Let’s hope that he complies with the rules of the social network at the blue bird otherwise pouf… more of B2O.

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